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Tom Westcott

About Westcott's Martial Arts Academy in Rincon, GA

Meet Tom Westcott

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Westcott's Martial Arts Academy in Rincon
2nd Degree Black Belt

Welcome to Westcott’s Martial Arts Academy!

At Westcott's Martial Arts Academy, we believe in the potential of all people to achieve great things, and we strive to develop the whole person – body, mind and spirit – with the principles that enable them to pursue their individual goals and passions.

Our guiding philosophy is to set high standards and inspire excellence in everything we do. We do this by teaching traditional martial arts skills and core values using modern curriculum and training strategies with practical application.

The practice of martial arts is more than the technical skills of punching and kicking, but is also a philosophy and way of life that fosters discipline, respect, perseverance, self-control, confidence, humility, achievement, loyalty, and integrity. Our programs combine robust technical training with serious physical fitness in which we strive to merge performance skills with practical application for both the casual enthusiast and the serious athlete.

Additionally, students develop critical life skills necessary to excel and become leaders at school, home, work, church and beyond. We are proud of the programs we offer and the wonderful benefits that develop through the practice of martial arts.

The instructors at Westcott’s Martial Arts Academy blend the best of traditional and modern teaching techniques to provide the most comprehensive martial arts training available, making it both fun and challenging for our students.

We believe in creating an environment for students that blends positive encouragement with achievable goals. At Westcott's Martial Arts Academy, we do not simply hand out belts and pass along students. Instead, we believe that martial arts students must earn their belts to achieve their rank. We use a formal, structured curriculum which establishes clear, measurable and achievable standards for advancement.

The result: students who work hard to achieve their goals demonstrate increased confidence and pride in knowing they have earned their rank.

Tom Westcott, Owner and Senior Instructor

Mr. Westcott has been practicing martial arts for over 37 years, and holds black belts under the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), All-American Tae Kwon Do Federation (ATF), International Tae Kwon Do Federation (ITF), and the American Tae Kwon Do Association (ATA). Mr. Westcott is a Level 3 Certified Instructor and is Train the Trainer Certified with the ATA.

Mr. Westcott studied directly under some of the top masters in the United States including Grand Master S. Henry Cho (9th degree), Grand Master Richard Chun (9th degree), Grand Master Maurice Elmalem (9th degree) and Grand Master J. H. Jeong (8th degree).

In addition to a long history in Taekwondo, Mr. Westcott has also studied Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido, and Tai Chi Chuan. He has achieved his Instructor Certification in Cardio-Kickboxing, Level 1 Instructor Certification in Kali Combat under the Pekiti-Tersia System and is a Level 3 Certified Instructor in Krav Maga and is qualified to teach unarmed defense, knife, handgun and long gun defense, tactical knife and firearm, hostage, third-party and VIP protection.

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